Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potty Training Sucks!!!

We are in the starting process of potty training Miss Addy trying it is. Before all of her stomach issues we had started but had to stop due to the issues. Now that we are on the down hill slope of things we are working very hard at not getting the princesses and fairies wet (panties). For the most part she is doing a great job. When it comes to number 2....not so much.

I truly believe that it is just as hard on the parents, babysitter and siblings as it is for the child to potty train. I have tried bribery, affection, suckers, tootsie rolls and now are onto stickers. We took a trip to Dollar Tree and I let her pick out her stickers. She chose Care Bears and Dora (big surprise there).

We woke up Sunday morning to a dry diaper and ran to the potty. Success. I bring out the Dora stickers to put on the chart and she had a fit....she wanted Care Bears! So out come the Care Bear stickers. Onto the chart they go. She did great all morning. She even went at church. We had an evening church ordination to go to so we left and again she went at church. I thought "Wow this is going great!" Monday morning comes, dry, to the potty we go, success! And that continued for the morning. As the afternoon started I began to clean and sort of forgot that we were potty training until Lexi hollered for me. I had started the laundry with sheets...Addy had had an explosion on the bed that had no sheets or mattress pad on it....makes for a very sad mommy. After dragging out the carpet shampooer and shampooing the mattress, I was beginning to think that going to kindergarten in diapers wasn't such a bad thing! (I know she is only 3)

The evening got better and she did good. Things are seeming to progress towards the #1 being under control....#2 not so much.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trials of Parenting....Grounded

After a large blow out with out 11 year old she was grounded. It was the first time and it was for the entire weekend. I had a list of chores for her to complete.

In the eyes of Lexi I had ruined her life and was making her a slave. Her chores were related to her area...her bedroom, closet and the bathroom that she shares with Addy. Also included are her daily chores.

Friday evening/afternoon were not bad. She was grumpy about the whole situation but seemed to do her work. Saturday morning she went with Tyler to cut wood, which she would have done grounded or not. That was not what she had in mind. After a long talk with her daddy, she got on her boots and bibs and they were off. While they were gone I got the pleasure of laundry and cooking for a week but that is another story.

When Tyler and Lexi came home they had lunch and Lexi was back to work. And boy was she grumpy. There were several arguements and debates on morals and responsibilities. Bedtime came early. Sunday morning brought Sunday school and church.

All seemed well until we got home. I started to inspect the the jobs she was supposed to have done. Those were not done the way she was supposed to have done. Then the fight began. Needless to say she ended up doing it my way.

What I have learned from the time she is grounded I am going to my moms!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cancer Sucks...

Yesterday I heard news of my friend passing away from cancer. Cancer sucks!

Casey was a great guy. We were friends long ago.I remember being in elementary school and playing basketball and riding bikes. He had a very funny personality and a heart like none other. Though as we grew older we weren't as close as we had been it was always nice to see him.

Casey got married and had a daughter. He was diagnosed with cancer when his wife was pregnant. Together as a family they put up a couragous fight against the disease. They never lost their faith.

As Casey will be laid to rest on Wednesday there have been a bunch of friendships rekindled in his honor.

Casey, I pledge to you that we will continue to support cancer research and pray for a cure. I also will contine to pray for Christy and Jane.

Thank you for being so strong.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A year in review....

Today I have sat and thought about the last year...accomplishments, changes, heartache, tears and smiles. I have come to realize that this life is good and it is what God wants me to have. As the start of a new year comes I am going to try to be a better, happier person. Not just on the outside but inside too.

I have learned today that one of my friends who has been fighting cancer for about 6 years is going on to hospice care. That has been a smack in the face for me. He and his wife have put up a strong fight. And have done it with dignity and I am so impressed by them. It has brought me to the realization that life is short...I know I have heard it so many times.....but it sometimes takes a smack in the face to open my eyes...sort of hard headed.

I have set goals for myself...not resolutions. I am going to read this Bible in 2011, our pastor is challenging the church and I think I will follow suit. Not only with that bring me closer to God but will give me much needed time to myself. I am going to wake up each morning and count my blessings.

This week I have thought about how you hear that God gives you no more than you can handle and I thought wow he is really testing me. I know that God trusts me and believes in me. It is high time I believe in myself.

Our girls are growing up so fast. There have been so many changes with them I just don't know what to do. Some days I am sad about that. Some days I think maybe we should have another child. Some days I wonder why God gave me the two I have. I feel blessed. At this point and time we (Tyler and I) realize that we are 1 parent to 1 kid and that is the only way we can handle it. We don't want to be out numbered :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Addy starts Dance and "Vaton"


Addy Jo on her first night of Mid-Mo Kats

Addy has started dance and Baton lessons with Mid-Mo Kats. She is loving every minute of it. She is convinced that she is doing "vaton" no matter what else happens. She is so excited about this new beginning.
We hope this is the start of a little freedom for her. She has not been around other kids a whole lot since we are lucky enough to have Dean and Shirley and Nana and Papa to keep her.

That is Miss Addy on the bottom left of the picture in purple. She had to wear her sparkle skirt cuz that is what you do in dance. I have also convinced her that she has to wear her hair up so at least we are trying to do something with it once in a while. She hates to have her hair done.
Addy is quite a bit younger than the other girls in her class and is not bothered by this at all. We have been lucky enough to have some helpers in the class to work a little one on one with her. She loves Dani. We were concerned that Dani would be there this week but low and behold there she was and Addy was thrilled. Addy is kind of in her own world but who cares...she is 2! Kim, Karisha and Kalyn have been so patient with her and are quite a blessing.
Since starting with them she has stayed in her Sunday School class so I have graduated to an adult class. It is amazing how some child, so independent at home is so shy in public. Stay tuned for future pics....and posts :)

Friday, March 19, 2010


Woke this morning to beautiful sunshine! So glad. Yesterday was quite a day.

Went to Lexi's conference. She is doing grat with her grades. They have had a few issues with her not turning stuff in but all in all they think she is doing well.

Told the teacher that by the time she gets home she is exhausted. She always has a headache. Mrs. Dickerson did say that when Lexi doesn't like something she comes down with a headache.

Lexi forgot her phone and flash drive at Ada's and that became a huge issue. Needless to say she was hollaring at me and it was my fault. She asked me what kind of mother doesn't make sure her kids have all their stuff. I told her I didn't even know she had the flash drive. Long story short she escilated and hurt my feelings with all she said.

Her and Tyler had a 2 hour conversation about anger management and being responsible. Today we go to the pdoc and I am requesting a med change.

We have found out that Miss Addy Jo can not have popcorn. Each time she eats it the poor thing gets constipated. Poor baby.

Today we go to the dentist in Columbia, then to Mexico to the pdoc and pick up Lexi's glasses, then back to Columbia to do taxes and let Lexi go to Jentri's for the night.

Better put on my driving gloves. Haha.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I feel like this may be my outlet for stress.

I have the hardest time understanding why she is so angry. I just don't get it.

I feel like Addy is missing out on a lot of things because of us always fighting with Lexi. I don't know how to ease this issue.

Today is parent teacher conference. Feeling worried about this.