Friday, March 19, 2010


Woke this morning to beautiful sunshine! So glad. Yesterday was quite a day.

Went to Lexi's conference. She is doing grat with her grades. They have had a few issues with her not turning stuff in but all in all they think she is doing well.

Told the teacher that by the time she gets home she is exhausted. She always has a headache. Mrs. Dickerson did say that when Lexi doesn't like something she comes down with a headache.

Lexi forgot her phone and flash drive at Ada's and that became a huge issue. Needless to say she was hollaring at me and it was my fault. She asked me what kind of mother doesn't make sure her kids have all their stuff. I told her I didn't even know she had the flash drive. Long story short she escilated and hurt my feelings with all she said.

Her and Tyler had a 2 hour conversation about anger management and being responsible. Today we go to the pdoc and I am requesting a med change.

We have found out that Miss Addy Jo can not have popcorn. Each time she eats it the poor thing gets constipated. Poor baby.

Today we go to the dentist in Columbia, then to Mexico to the pdoc and pick up Lexi's glasses, then back to Columbia to do taxes and let Lexi go to Jentri's for the night.

Better put on my driving gloves. Haha.

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