Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cancer Sucks...

Yesterday I heard news of my friend passing away from cancer. Cancer sucks!

Casey was a great guy. We were friends long ago.I remember being in elementary school and playing basketball and riding bikes. He had a very funny personality and a heart like none other. Though as we grew older we weren't as close as we had been it was always nice to see him.

Casey got married and had a daughter. He was diagnosed with cancer when his wife was pregnant. Together as a family they put up a couragous fight against the disease. They never lost their faith.

As Casey will be laid to rest on Wednesday there have been a bunch of friendships rekindled in his honor.

Casey, I pledge to you that we will continue to support cancer research and pray for a cure. I also will contine to pray for Christy and Jane.

Thank you for being so strong.

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