Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trials of Parenting....Grounded

After a large blow out with out 11 year old she was grounded. It was the first time and it was for the entire weekend. I had a list of chores for her to complete.

In the eyes of Lexi I had ruined her life and was making her a slave. Her chores were related to her area...her bedroom, closet and the bathroom that she shares with Addy. Also included are her daily chores.

Friday evening/afternoon were not bad. She was grumpy about the whole situation but seemed to do her work. Saturday morning she went with Tyler to cut wood, which she would have done grounded or not. That was not what she had in mind. After a long talk with her daddy, she got on her boots and bibs and they were off. While they were gone I got the pleasure of laundry and cooking for a week but that is another story.

When Tyler and Lexi came home they had lunch and Lexi was back to work. And boy was she grumpy. There were several arguements and debates on morals and responsibilities. Bedtime came early. Sunday morning brought Sunday school and church.

All seemed well until we got home. I started to inspect the the jobs she was supposed to have done. Those were not done the way she was supposed to have done. Then the fight began. Needless to say she ended up doing it my way.

What I have learned from the time she is grounded I am going to my moms!

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