Thursday, September 23, 2010

Addy starts Dance and "Vaton"


Addy Jo on her first night of Mid-Mo Kats

Addy has started dance and Baton lessons with Mid-Mo Kats. She is loving every minute of it. She is convinced that she is doing "vaton" no matter what else happens. She is so excited about this new beginning.
We hope this is the start of a little freedom for her. She has not been around other kids a whole lot since we are lucky enough to have Dean and Shirley and Nana and Papa to keep her.

That is Miss Addy on the bottom left of the picture in purple. She had to wear her sparkle skirt cuz that is what you do in dance. I have also convinced her that she has to wear her hair up so at least we are trying to do something with it once in a while. She hates to have her hair done.
Addy is quite a bit younger than the other girls in her class and is not bothered by this at all. We have been lucky enough to have some helpers in the class to work a little one on one with her. She loves Dani. We were concerned that Dani would be there this week but low and behold there she was and Addy was thrilled. Addy is kind of in her own world but who cares...she is 2! Kim, Karisha and Kalyn have been so patient with her and are quite a blessing.
Since starting with them she has stayed in her Sunday School class so I have graduated to an adult class. It is amazing how some child, so independent at home is so shy in public. Stay tuned for future pics....and posts :)

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