Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potty Training Sucks!!!

We are in the starting process of potty training Miss Addy trying it is. Before all of her stomach issues we had started but had to stop due to the issues. Now that we are on the down hill slope of things we are working very hard at not getting the princesses and fairies wet (panties). For the most part she is doing a great job. When it comes to number 2....not so much.

I truly believe that it is just as hard on the parents, babysitter and siblings as it is for the child to potty train. I have tried bribery, affection, suckers, tootsie rolls and now are onto stickers. We took a trip to Dollar Tree and I let her pick out her stickers. She chose Care Bears and Dora (big surprise there).

We woke up Sunday morning to a dry diaper and ran to the potty. Success. I bring out the Dora stickers to put on the chart and she had a fit....she wanted Care Bears! So out come the Care Bear stickers. Onto the chart they go. She did great all morning. She even went at church. We had an evening church ordination to go to so we left and again she went at church. I thought "Wow this is going great!" Monday morning comes, dry, to the potty we go, success! And that continued for the morning. As the afternoon started I began to clean and sort of forgot that we were potty training until Lexi hollered for me. I had started the laundry with sheets...Addy had had an explosion on the bed that had no sheets or mattress pad on it....makes for a very sad mommy. After dragging out the carpet shampooer and shampooing the mattress, I was beginning to think that going to kindergarten in diapers wasn't such a bad thing! (I know she is only 3)

The evening got better and she did good. Things are seeming to progress towards the #1 being under control....#2 not so much.

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